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Jacknobber II

– $8.00
(colors vary)

The Jacknobber II is very useful for tight muscles in the upper back. The Jacknobber sits like a tripod with one knob jutting straight out to lean into. Use it on a highback chair, on the floor or on a wall. You can attach a series of rubber bands to lower the Jacknobber II behind you on the wall (for those of us who have trouble reaching up or down their back). I always keep one in my car to use at stoplights.


Mini Backsie –

– $11.95

The Mini Backsie is another “must have” tool for self massage. It’s great for lower back issues. Use it on a high-back chair (computer chairs work great) or on the ground. Place it horizontally just above the small of your back so that your spine sits between the two humps. Let your intuition guide you on how long to leave it in one place. You may only want to leave it in one spot for a few seconds then drop it down just a little each time until you reach your hip bones. On the ground, you can use it in between your shoulder blades down to your low back. Clasp your hands behind your head to widen your shoulder blades. The floor is not as forgiving as a chair so two-second increments may be the longest time you can handle. Your spine may even receive beneficial adjustments!

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