About Deep Tissue Massage

If you experience muscle aches at all, find yourself an experienced “Deep Tissue Massage Therapist” in your area┬áhere!

When you are experiencing even the slightest neck or back-ache, your body has already been suffering from tightened muscles without your conscious knowledge. Have you ever heard someone explain that they “put their back out” and all they were doing was bending over to pick up some feather-light object? I hear it all the time. What these people didn’t know is that their core muscles have been extremely tight for quite a while. Muscles do a ton of work all the time and usually without rest. When this happens, the muscles stay in their excited, contracted state, lacking blood flow (oxygen and nutrients) and compressing nerves until they no longer fire correctly. Finally, the body says,”ENOUGH”, by forcing you to stay home from work, and in all probability, in bed.

There is no Swedish or spa massage that will unlock these core muscles. Sure, you’ll feel better during the massage and perhaps the rest of the day. But just wait, the pain will return shortly. Why? Because Swedish massage only relaxes the superficial muscles. The underlying deep or core muscles are still contracted. Guess what happens to those superficial layers then? Well, they get recruited to help those deep muscles support the body; therefore, becoming tight once more.

Most people can handle deep tissue massage if done properly. The feeling is described as a “good pain”. When performed slowly and with the right pressure, deep tissue easily relaxes your tightest muscles.

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Learn Massage

You and your partner can schedule an appointment to learn massage techniques within a back-to-back massage session.

You will learn and perform strokes designed to help each other with particular problem areas. As one person receives a massage, I explain and show examples of how to find the tightened muscle, what pressure to use and what other muscles are recruited in the area that need to be massaged. You will be shown a few different techniques to get the muscles to relax. Then, the “giver” can try the stroke sand get feedback on the pressure used from the “receiver” and adjustments can be made. This is time well spent! Not only are you receiving a massage that will work out your aches, but learning how to prevent these reoccurring pains. As little as 10 minutes for each partner every day or every other day can really make a dramatic change in your lives.

Make an appointment to Learn Massage

Most people find chronic pain in either the neck and shoulders, low back or sciatic areas. Because we tend to overwork (therefore, creating patterns) groups of muscles in our daily routine; massaging these specific areas at least once a week can improve your overall well-being. Less pain = happier relationships!

Trading massage is also a great way to connect with each other. Too often we get so wrapped up in day-to-day routine, that we forget our human need for touch. Find joy in both giving and receiving touch and watch your household become more harmonized!

A massage table is extremely helpful when working on each other. You can find affordable tables at Sam’s Club (they aren’t professional grade but will do the job – their headrests are semi-adjustable) or take a look on Craig’s list – Asheville for used tables

Essential Oils

I use only essential oils in my blends. They are 100% natural. Beware of oils listed in ingredients without the word “Essential” preceding them. These are synthetic oils and may cause allergic reactions. These oils are sometimes listed as “Lavender Oil” or “natural fragrance”. All fragrances are synthetic. From a marketing standpoint, listing something as natural is legal since anything on earth is natural!

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